Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Family continuity represented in furniture

 This swivel chair was in the general store my grandfather, John H. McIntyre, operated in Elizaville, Kentucky. He sat in it to keep his accounts and pay his bills. After he died in 1945 and my father, Raymond McIntyre, took on the operation of the store, he sat in it as he kept his accounts. After he was no longer operating the store, the chair was in the Elizaville Post Office, where my mother, Marian Early McIntyre sat in it each month to maintain her postal accounts. After she retired, the chair came to me, and it is now at my desk, where I sit to pay bills and write letters. 

Yes, that is a spittoon on the floor by the desk. 


  1. Would that my family had left me anything so handsome and useful. On the other hand, both my parents had downsized so often by the times of their deaths that my siblings and I had only a small fraction of the usual brouhaha over cleaning out.

  2. Tawnya Smith (Your cousin, John McIntyre’s daughter)May 11, 2021 at 2:35 PM

    That is definitely a beautiful family heirloom. I love antique furniture. I have many pieces I have started collecting over the past few years. If only those antique pieces could talk. I’m sure we’d be entertained by the stories they could tell!!!