Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good for what ails you

Reactions to The Old Editor Says are coming in, and they are overwhelmingly positive, and sometimes surprising. It is more than just a suitable gift for that aspiring writer or soon-to-graduate student. 

Travelers have discovered that taking The Old Editor Says along, either in print or Kindle form, has an effect something like an amulet, warding off delayed flights, missed connections, and lost luggage.

In a spate of testimonials, readers explain that they have found The Old Editor Says efficacious with warts, gout, rheumatism, gallstones, fretfulness, grippe, quinsy, debility, melancholia, indigestion, ague, vertigo, catarrh, and female complaint. Also cures insomnia.

This is a book that you cannot afford to be without. Click on one of the links below to order this sovereign panacea.

Buy a second copy if you have a child who is teething.

For print:

For Kindle: