Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turning the page

Welcome to the continuation of You Don’t Say. My somewhat abrupt departure from The Baltimore Sun this week prompted an outpouring of accolades for the blog, and though it is rather vulgar to praise oneself, I would like to repeat a few of them to give you the flavor.

Dan: Please keep us up to date on the future blog... language nerds need a home.

Brian Cubbison:
Your good humor, defense of high-quality editing and graceful farewell have been inspiring.

Linz: Your blog has been the only reading material my boyfriend and I shared in two years.

Mark: I would never have anticipated that the ramblings of a copy editor might become one of the blogs I looked forward to the most during my lunchtime browsing at my desk.

Thanks John for teaching me something new with each of your posts. You're the best kind of teacher: someone who is extremely competent, loves what they do, and who has that rare ability to truly inspire others with their knowledge.

Robert Knilands: Good riddance, John. As I've said for a couple of years, you weren't much more than a caricature.*

Well, enough of panegyric. The second day of unemployment has been busy — administering a final examination to my class at Loyola, making a start on responding to the scores of people who have sent kind words, preparing to celebrate my son’s graduation from St. John’s College in Annapolis in two weeks, and doing preliminary spadework on this blog. I am particularly indebted to my friend and fellow ex-president, Pam Robinson, for giving me the necessary push.

I’m back, and I do not intend to go away.

*I am particularly touched by this one, which is the last comment from Mr. Knilands that you will see at this location.