Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not a fan of vodka

Liquor should taste of something.

That is why the brown liquors, bourbon, Scotch, and rye, have appeal; they have flavor. For martinis, gin is the obvious choice; it has flavor. It tastes like something.

I've never understood the appeal of vodka. It tastes like rubbing alcohol, the sole advantage being that you don't go blind. I've had an occasional vodka martini. It's nice to notice the flavor of the vermouth, but there's always a sense of something missing.

Today, however, vodka moves from its customary level of indifference to one of irritation. The reason is a Grey Goose commercial I've already heard twice, for its "cherry noir" black-cherry-flavored brand. Never mind my suspicion that all cherry-flavored liquors taste like cough syrup. The git engaged to read the commercial pronounces noir as "noh-are."

I suppose most of the customers do, too.


  1. "The git engaged to read the commercial pronounces noir as 'noh-are.'"

    I just watched it on Youtube. Ewww.

    In any case, as 'cerise' is a feminine word, it should really be 'noire', and getting that final 're' sound right in french pronunciation is extremely difficult for non-native speakers. It took me months of throat-rattling practice to get it anywhere close.

  2. I agree about the syrupy flavours.
    I'm highly surprise by your use of "git". I thought this was exclusively British, or even just London, slang. The flow goes both ways, but I hope you're picking up better British neologisms than "git".

    David P.