Thursday, March 7, 2013

Choose your battles

One week from today I will be conducting an audio conference for Copyediting. The subject is "Choosing Your Battles," and you still have time to sign up here.

Whether you are editing a single short article or a major project, whether you are working for a publishing concern or freelancing, the same concerns always arise: balancing the varied interests of author, publication, and audience; establishing appropriate priorities; and, because there will never, ever be enough time for everything you would like to do, resorting to triage.

I cannot resolve every issue for you, but I can help you to prepare to face them and deal with them effectively before you go completely nuts.

Moreover, your contributions to the discussion, the insights from your own experiences in editing, will be most welcome. I hope that the conference will not turn out to be a mere monologue.


  1. The Language Hattics are discussing your marvelous word Peeververein, and wondering how and why you decided to use Verein in the term. Leading theories include learning about the Zollverein in a history class, or learning the word Verein in a German class, or picking it up by osmosis from the various Vereins which survived World War I, more so in Baltimore than elsewhere in the U.S. Do you care to weigh in either here or there on the origin of the word?

  2. Much humbler origins. When I was in high school, I read Don Marquis's Archy and Mehitabel stories. The bit there about the Worms Turverein made me look things up so I would get the joke.