Monday, March 26, 2012

A tree grows in Hamilton

In 2008, at our request, the city planted a redbud tree in the tree lawn in front of our house. It was a little taller than I was.

The winter of 2009, you will recall, was a hard one, and in the spring only a few branches budded, most of them appearing to be dead. The spring and summer of 2009 were also a time when my career appeared to be dead, or at least moribund. Having been laid off by The Sun, I was fruitlessly applying for other jobs and scratching around for freelance work.

At loose ends on many days, I spent time trying to revive the faltering redbud, watering it nearly every day and fertilizing it at intervals. It produced some leaves, and I was encouraged to hope for it.

The following summer, when The Sun hired me back as night content production manager, the tree budded more vigorously and put out new branches. I pruned most of the dead ones and kept up the watering and fertilizing.

Today, as it blossoms again, I can say that my career, such as it is, continues, and during my hiatus one substantial thing that I accomplished was to keep a tree alive.


  1. Congratulations! But where did you manage to pick up "tree lawn," a term that's native for me but not, I think, for you?

  2. An admirable tree, sir. The photograph, I regret to say, reveals your next challenge: Are you ready to get down on your hands and knees to dig out the crabgrass?

  3. That tree is in "the parking" (Iowa usage. I've lived many places, but I have not idea what they call this space elsewhere.... you don't learn such things until you own a house). Good for you! I killed a "twist willow" in about the same time frame. Karma? Must be. (another Jan)

    1. Where I grew up in western Illinois, that strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street was called the "boulevard." I live in Iowa now, and I'd not heard of "the parking" but then I don't own a house here so it doesn't come up much in casual conversation.

  4. Nothing is quite like a redbud blooming, or many of them. It's one of the striking things about where my father's people are from in southeast Missouri. Long miles of brilliance at the right time of year. My father long ago brought one home, more than 150 miles north, and planted it and it stands out beautifully from the oaks, maples, and pines. It's a reminder of roots and family history.

  5. That's a "nature strip" in this part of the world (Australia). I've never seen a redbud, but it looks pretty. Congratulations on keeping it alive!

  6. Don't know what a redbud tree is, but the bit of land is a verge (BrE).

  7. I think it's time to remove the staking from the tree.

  8. Very interesting. Here in Minneapolis we've always known them as "boulevards". I don't know of any variation of that name across Minnesota. The name for 'boulevards' or 'tree lawns' isn't the contentious issue around here. Boulevards are OWNED by the city, but the PROPERTY owner on the other side of the sidewalk is responsible for its upkeep. So, most people feel the boulevards are theirs!