Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The fedora is on the coat rack, and the red Razor scooter is propped against the desk, sure indications that I am back in my old office at The Baltimore Sun.

This morning I collected a stack of final examinations and editing projects from my students at Loyola, who will be expecting their grades within the next two days, and this afternoon I attempted to plumb the mysteries of NewsGate, the new editing and production system. It may be a day or two before I regain my footing with the blog.

But make no mistake. Not only am I back on Calvert Street, but I will also be reliably back at You Don’t Say.

Thank you for your many kind remarks since this restoration was announced.


  1. You will learn to hate NewsGate like a tumor.

  2. NewsGate -- it's a scandal!

  3. Sorry we forgot to warn you, John. NewsGate may drive you to VOLUNTARY separation. Can't figure out who this system was designed for, but it sure isn't copy editors.

  4. NewsGate?? I'm so sorrry, John.