Friday, December 4, 2009

You can't jolly humorless

I have a guest post today, “The with-it need the without-it,” at Dining@Large, responding to a series of exchanges over a one-line joke about the prevalence of hipsters at a couple of Baltimore restaurants. The subject may be trivial, but I think you will recognize the personalities illuminated by it.


  1. One prominent member of the Hipster Anti-Defamation League has been complaining on her own blog of having been ill-used. But these responses have cropped up on Facebook:

    Lissa Potter: They just aren't getting it. I sincerely hope no one ever hands any of them some Jonathan Swift.

    Kevin Leonard: I suspect that the intended personalities will neither recognize themselves in, nor be illuminated by, the guest post.

    Joyce Weinstock: the guest post was awesome, JM. You totally hit the mark. I enjoyed it very much.

    Yum Porchetta: Beautifully and perfectly done, JM. It will sail right over their heads.

    Holly Kerfoot: Great column, John. And I'm going to try the recipe. Would you like a copy of my Gran's Dunkin' Cookies recipe in exchange?

    Trish Miller: Excellent Mr McIntyre! And I agree with Yum. The intended target just won't get it.

  2. Pedantically I point out that the sense of with in with it is not 'possessing' but 'accompanying', and so the hed should be "The with-it need the out-of-it".

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