Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy day

Driving more than a thousand miles over the weekend proved to be a little more taxing than I had expected, and a necessary trip this morning with Kathleen to Sam’s Club (don’t ask; just don’t ask) failed, oddly, to energize me.

So today’s offering is a link to a transcript of the weekend’s interview on NPR’s On the Media, in case you missed it. You can also download the audio if you’re pining to hear my dulcet tones.

And — a real bonus — the comments include a billet-doux from the ineffable Robert Knilands. Don’t miss it.*

*I’ve resumed comment moderation here, so you will have to look elsewhere for his gnomic remarks.


  1. I can't believe I didn't hear that! It must have been a non-"driveway moment." I would have whooped and yelled, "You go, Mr. McIntyre!" But maybe it's good that I didn't hear it while I was driving . . . sort of a road hazard to whoop and holler.


    I thought you might enjoy this.

  3. I wasn't aware of Mr Knilands so I googled him. Count me astonished - I just read a whole interview with him claiming that layout is bunk and online news pages don't need to be designed. Amazing.

    Your interview, though, is brilliant. I did a small silent cheer when you talked about quality.

  4. Was there a particular reason for the transcript to be headlined "Neswpaper Leighoffs" or was it an attempt to milk some humor out of the topic?

    Retired in Elkridge

  5. I believe that humor was the intention.