Monday, June 22, 2009

Fancy a pint?

Instead of posting on journalism and other ills of the Republic, I am heading out to the Hamilton Tavern with my son for a pint. You come too, as Mr. Frost used to suggest. What is the benefit of unemployment if you wind up spending all day at a computer keyboard?


  1. That is so great I cannot even tell you! "You come, too" is one of the moments in time that helped me to decide that my husband was "the one." I gave him the complete works of Robert Frost as a gift when we were in college and when he said that to me (referencing Robert Frost) it completely melted my heart and that is probably why we have been married as long as we have! Thirty-five years this August. Thanks for mentioning it. Hope the drinks at the pub are memorable ones!

  2. Your day off is well-earned, John. You're an incredibly prolific blogger. Keep writing; we'll keep reading.