Saturday, May 9, 2009

The other place and this one

Now that You Don’t Say is no longer a working blog at, it is not listed at that site’s main page. But it will continue to reside there for an indeterminate time. Feel free to rummage around in it while you still can. The Grammarnoir serial, for example, remains.

A couple of readers have inquired about videos, such as the bow tie, the martini, and the first and second pronunciation videos, as well as the weekly video jokes.*

The appearance of video at this site will have to wait until (a) I acquire a video camera, (b) learn how to operate it or coerce someone into operating, (c) learn how to edit the resulting video, and (d) figure out how to post it here. Although I have acquired an unanticipated fund of free time, this may take a while.

*The titles of the video jokes all begin with “Surely you jest,” which makes them easily searchable.


  1. Your Grammarnoir serial link doesn't work. Should be:

    (you have an extra http// in there)

  2. Hmmm, I see a trip to Best Buy in your future. All you need is a webcam that records video.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Lindner could help you get "Surely You Jest" going again?