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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy ...

It was announced yesterday in The Baltimore Sun’s first Mobbies awards that You Don’t Say won first place in the Misfits (miscellaneous) category.

There was no opportunity (or desire) for me to speak last night as I accepted the handsome certificate and tchotchkes, so I will express gratitude here.

Profound thanks to Pam Robinson of Words at Work, who, upon hearing of my departure from The Sun in April, rushed to set up this site so that You Don’t Say could continue with the briefest of interruptions.

But my profoundest thanks must go to the readers of this blog, whose comments and corrections and disagreements and praise have sustained me through a frustrating period of unemployment. Writing for you has brightened my days, and I am touched that so many of you find something of interest or amusement here.

The Prince of Misfits salutes you.


  1. That's great, John, congratulations! I'm not surprised, given the category...

    You neglected to mention that other great award bestowed yesterday, the Wordies.

  2. Congratulations Mr. Mc!

  3. Hail to the Prince. Trust me, other word professionals also "released from the surly bonds of employment" at the moment take great comfort in your presence.

  4. Patricia the TerseOctober 15, 2009 at 5:40 PM

    At least all the lobbying was not for naught.Perhaps the current Pres should have his own blog and win the next award. He could add it to the Nobel, the Oscar, the Emmy and the Pulitzer. Felicitations.

  5. I saw there other nominations, and knew you would win. Your my favorite language blogger.

  6. Way to go. You richly deserved the prize.