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Monday, September 28, 2009

Your votes and patronage appreciated

Word arrived Friday that I have been nominated for a Mobbie, one of The Baltimore Sun’s awards for outstanding Maryland blogs. Voting begins today, and embarrassing as it is to engage in self-promotion, I am soliciting your support.

You Don’t Say is listed at the end of the Misfits catagory (natch), with a link allowing you to vote. There is also a link at the top of the site to allow votes for best overall blog. For reasons that I do not understand but which surely lie deep in Maryland’s electoral traditions, you can cast more than one vote — once a day until the polls close at 5 p.m. on Friday, October 9.

Should you not care to participate in this poll, offering me a job would be an acceptable alternative.


  1. I would have accepted an offer of a job as an inducement to participate.

    John, there are several Baltimore electoral traditions that you can revive. Take a notebook computer with connectivity to the Hamilton Tavern and provide alcohol to any who would vote for you, on your computer, of course, the maximum number of permissible times. Then, you have got to love this, have them create a new identity and vote the maximum number of times again!

    I don't spend time studying elections to no good end, although the pay is minuscule.

    Vote early, vote often, but please don't fight with your fellow voters. Share a pint instead.

  2. An excellent suggestion -- isn't that the custom that got Mr. Poe into trouble? But I lack walking-around money.

  3. You can modernize the practices by having the voters use their money.

    Make and display a sign at your "polling place*" that offers a vote with each drink and a vote for overall with each drink purchased for the "poll-worker**".

    * polling place = your table
    ** poll worker? Why you, of course.

  4. FWIW I voted for this blog in the Misfits category! Keep up the good work sir.

  5. John,

    As I was always taught, vote early and vote often.

  6. Mr. McIntyre... love your blog in its day on The Sun's site. I had no idea you had moved and continued!

    You're getting plenty of votes from me (as you said, quite an odd version of democracy to vote multiple times).

    Any chance you can take a moment to throw a vote my way? One Winning Drive is nominated in both Sports and Ravens.


  7. I voted for this blog more than once and I don't even like The Chicago Tribune's Baltimore edition called The Sun.

  8. I'm dismayed to see I'm up against you in the "Misfits" category. I will have a hard time voting for myself over "You Don't Say," but I suspect you'll be taking home the Mobby (or would it be "Mobbie"?) for your fine work here.

  9. Patricia the TerseOctober 1, 2009 at 1:31 AM

    As the worthies in Albany arbitrarily have decided, without help or encouragement from the voters, to replace voting machines that have worked well for years with machines that have failed every test thus far, this may be my last chance to cast a vote that I know will be recorded. As I assume this campaign is not being run by ACORN,or funded by any of its tentacles, I therefore have cast my vote for McIntyre.Long may he thrive and may he never lack for haberdashery.